Low Vision

Pros and Cons for users

  • Pro: Voice chat can be useful
  • Con: Users may have difficulty identifying objects and events
  • Con: Users need to be able to change the text size of the interface and chat windows
  • Con: Users may have trouble reading text which lacks sufficient contrast against the background
  • Con: Poor stereopsis, or stereo blindness, can prevent some people from fusing the view from each of their eyes into a single image
Simulation of a virual environment as seen by a user with low vision
Simulation of a virtual environment (left) as seen by a user with a vision impairment (right). Original image: Kylie_Jaxxon

Visual Interface

Examples of Visual Cues 3
Environmental light Buildings, tools Visual flow Information panel, virtual compass

Low Vision Use Cases

  • As a user with low vision, I need to be able to increase text size, so I can read without a screen magnifier.
  • As a user with low vision, I need to have sufficient contrast between text and the background, so I can read the text.

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