Live Remote Captioning


Live remote captioning allows listeners who are deaf or hard of hearing to access captions of speech in real time. It is the preferred for situations where 99% - 100% accuracy is required.

The captioner listens in on the meeting, usually re-speaking dialog into transcription software, such as Dragon Dictate. The captions are then edited and fed back to the meeting participant, via the meeting software and/or a web page.

Live Captioning in Zoom

Zoom Meetings has the ability to integrate live remote captioning from a third party provider.

The captioning provider is provided with an API key that allows them to access the audio of the meeting. The captioner types the captions, and then publishes them back to the Zoom interface.

Zoom Closed Caption dialog box
Figure 1: Clicking on the Closed Caption button displays an API token that captioning providers use to access the session

Enabling Closed Captioning in Zoom

  1. Go to the University's Zoom page
  2. Scroll down the page and click on 'Zoom account sign on (SSO)'
  3. Sign-in and then click on 'Settings' > 'In Meeting (Advanced)'
  4. Make sure that 'Closed Captioning' is checked
  5. Relaunch the Zoom app

Scheduling Captioning in Zoom

Only the Host of the Zoom meeting can schedule captioning. In order to access the meeting or webinar, the 3rd party captioning provider will need to be provided with an API key.

If you don't have access to the Closed Caption function, Ai-Media can host the meeting and provide you with a link.

Captioning Providers

There are a several captioning providers that will generate captions in real time for Zoom. The University usually uses Ai-Media for its live-remote captioning services.


Live remote captioning for education typically costs $200 per hour + GST.

The Federal Government will provide staff with up to $6000 per annum for live remote captioning via JobAccess. See Support & Contacts for more information.

Booking Captioning with Ai-Media

Bookings with Ai-Media can be made by either a faculty Health & Safety Business Partner or directly by a staff member.

Step 1 - Create a Captioning Account

  • Go to the Ai-Live and sign up for a captioning account
Ai-Media signup form
Multiple booking accounts can be linked together. This means that more than one person can make the booking.

Step 2 - Book a Captioning Session

  1. Login to your Ai-Live account and click Book Now.

    AI-Media Booking form

  2. Fill out the details for the booking including the fact that you would like the captions to be Zoom integrated and hosted by Ai-Media.
    Sample Ai-Media Booking Form
    If booking a meeting for another staff member, include their details in the booking.


Ai-Media can set rules whereby any sessions booked by an account are sent to a specific email address. This is useful for situations where faculty Health & Safety Business Partners are arranging captioning.

Alternatively, Ai-Media can invoice staff directly so that they can send invoices on to JobAccess.


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