Auto-generated Captions in Microsoft Teams

Note: Auto-captioning is a new feature in MS Teams and has not yet been implemented for all staff and students. Staff requiring this service should contact Andrew Normand (

Microsoft Teams meetings have the ability to display automatically generated captions.

  1. To try the captions, open Microsoft Teams and then click on Calendar.
  2. Click on 'Meet Now' and then 'Join Now'
  3. Your web cam should be displayed.
  4. In the toolbar, click on 'More actions' and then 'Turn on live captions (preview)'

    More actions menu with option to turn on live captions

  5. Captions will now appear on the bottom left of screen.

Important note

Automatically generated captions are only 85% - 90% accurate. They do not meet the needs of deaf and hard of hearing users. These users require captions that are 99% - 100% accurate which are generated by a captioning service or via live remote captioning.

Contact Us

For assistance or to report accessibility problems please contact:

Andrew Normand
Web Accessibility Lead
Phone: +61 3 9035 4867