Melbourne Global Alumni Ambassadors

The University launched the Melbourne Global Alumni Ambassadors Program in June 2023. Our Global Alumni Ambassadors act as valuable points of contact within key regions for the University and utilise their networks and expertise to grow – with the support of the University – strong local alumni communities.


  • Kabir Sawhney - Lead

    Kabir Kabir Sawhney holds a bachelor's of design from Unimelb. He graduated in ‘20 and has been running a construction company since then. Having been in management positions at C&S such as DESS, Fiesta Club and Muski helped Kabir get the most out of his Uni life as well as taught him how to engage with and lead larger groups. On a more personal front, Kabir has a passion for motorbiking and 4x4 adventures, and he is looking forward to seeing and connecting with UoM fellow alumni.

  • Puneet Singh - Supporting alum

    Puneet completed his Bachelor of Software Engineering (Honours) at the University of Melbourne. He has 25+ years of experience in Technology, Consulting and Operations and holds a Six Sigma Black Belt certificate. Puneet is working in Accenture as Growth Leader for Growth Markets – since 2021.

    Prior to that, he spent 21+ years in Genpact with key roles, including

    • Global Chief Operating Officer for Banking and Capital Markets
    • Growth Leader for APAC
    • Business Leader HiTech & India Market
    • Global Recruitment Leader

    Puneet is based in New Delhi and is passionate about playing tennis, pool and all racquet sports. He likes to explore new places for food and play strategy board/computer games.


  • Ritu David - Lead

    Ritu David

    Growing up in 8 countries, Ritu was blessed with a wide array of experiences. She was on the Kenyan Swim Team and also led the country’s delegation to the Model United Nations in New York.

    While studying Commerce at the University of Melbourne, Ritu started an NGO - Global Aid Partnerships. She worked in partnership with the UN, local government, the Australian Education Department and Maasai village elders to empower remote Kenya with its first community based pre-school curriculum. After graduating, Ritu worked in Federal Government and contributed to Prime Ministerial level strategic decision-making. Ritu’s passion for data-led design led her to work as a digital strategist in Sydney before setting up her own digital design and development company in Mumbai, The Data Duck.

    She is also on the boards of Red Dot Foundation, a data-led initiative to reduce the impact of sexual and gender-based violence globally and Lex Consellium, an organisation focused on raising awareness of the Indian constitution and constitutional rights.

  • Siddharth Sancheti - Supporting alum


    Siddharth is an accomplished entrepreneur and a leading figure in the organic food industry. He earned his Master’s degree in Business & IT from the University of Melbourne in 2008.

    In 2009, Siddharth embarked on a remarkable journey by founding  Agronic Food, a visionary venture driven by a passion for providing the highest quality organic food. He is deeply involved in initiatives which run multiple schools for children from farming communities. Currently, channelling his efforts into establishing a global platform for alternative healing therapies, aiming to make holistic health and wellness more accessible worldwide.

    Siddharth personally embraces a minimalist lifestyle, emphasizing sustainability in every aspect of his life. His journey is defined by innovation, passion, and a steadfast commitment to promoting organic food, sustainable agriculture, and holistic well-being.

  • Ashwin Chhaperia - Supporting alum


    Ashwin is an entrepreneur, community builder, freelance writer, and mentor. Having worked extensively across UMSU and Stop 1, they love giving back and trying their hands at different things, be it repairing bikes at the University, serving breakfast to thousands of students, or managing The Orientation Challenge. They run a personal branding business, are an Ambassador at The Community Collective, and the Sales Ops & Student Support at HEX.

    In their free time, they are either reading, travelling, or playing video games.

  • Raveena Khatri - Supporting alum


    Raveena is a Marketing Communications professional with experience of over 5 years within multiple sectors such as Beauty, Health, Renewable energy sources, and fashion and a proud Unimelb alumna. She believes the University of Melbourne and Melbourne city have played a pivotal role in shaping her career and individuality. Raveena wishes to help and support aspiring students to find their passion and voice.


  • Pooja Davda - Lead


    Pooja earned her MIS from The University of Melbourne in 2018 and her B.E from RVCE in India, 2016. She then went ahead and co-founded Zeropoint Robotics and has been working in the Industrial Robotics domain since 2019. The inspiration came from her father who has over 25 years of Entrepreneurial experience himself.

    Outside of her professional endeavours, you'll often find her indulging in Art and catching up on captivating TV shows. Wanderlust runs through her veins, and she seizes every opportunity to explore the globe and immerse herself in diverse cultures. During her time at The University of Melbourne, Pooja actively engaged with professionals from various cultures and backgrounds by leveraging the free university resources.

    As an introvert at heart, she cherishes introspective moments, yet in social settings, she effortlessly embraces an extroverted persona. Spirituality plays a significant role in her life, guiding her perspectives. Pooja believes that empathy is the highest form of knowledge.

  • Savan Kanabar - Supporting alum


    Savan pursued his masters in the field of Software Engineering at the University of Melbourne in 2020. After tutoring for a year and a half at the Uni and doing some internships in Australia, Savan returned home to India and started his journey as an entrepreneur by establishing an IT firm, ‘Nebula Softwares’, where they cater in services like Web Development, Mobile App Development, Graphic Design and much more. Savan is passionate about providing solutions and helping people and businesses overcome their challenges. When not working, one would usually find Savan online playing some or other video games.

    Savan is looking forward to working as an Ambassador with fellow alumni and with the University.

  • Rajesh Nune - Supporting alum


    Rajesh Nune holds a PhD in Environmental Engineering from the University of Melbourne and is currently working as a Scientist (Hydrology) for the past three years in IDC, RFFS. Rajesh started his career as a Visiting Scientist in 2013 and obtained nearly 10 years of experience in the field of Natural Resources Management and Agricultural Sciences at ICRISAT, Hyderabad, India.

    Rajesh has over 14 years of experience in the areas of building physically-based and conceptual models to assess surface and groundwater water resources at field and catchment scales, analysing current and future climate and anthropogenic impacts on hydrological systems.

    Rajesh also has worked on research experiments, conducted consulting works, farmer’s capacity building and stakeholder training activities in India and Australia and guided numerous graduate and master students, interns and volunteers.


  • Swathi Krishnamoorthy - Lead


    Swathi completed a Bachelor of Architectural Studies in 2009 and a Master of Architecture in 2012 at the University of Melbourne. Since then Swathi has worked in Australia, Sri Lanka and India across multiple industries including network design, construction and architecture before establishing her career in interior design. At present, Swathi is the Business Head at Farwood Industries Limited, a firm specialising in luxury residential interior design and execution for HNI clients across India.

    Swathi loves coffee, travelling and adventure sports. She has made some of the greatest memories and best of friends at the University and looks forward to giving back to the community through her engagement with the Indian Alumni.

  • Rishwanth Darun Annamalaisamy Sannasiraj - Supporting alum


    Rishwanth graduated from College of Engineering Guindy, Anna University with a Bachelor of Civil Engineering and completed his Master’s in Structural Engineering from The University of Melbourne, Australia in 2021. Rishwanth has a convincing experience in Structural Health assessments, Waterfront Structures, and Field & Experimental studies, with a strong passion towards R&D and Design.

    Besides, Rishwanth has taken part in several internships across Germany, Australia and IIT’s and has been recognized with DAAD-WISE fellowship, Construction Industry award and Leaders in Community Award to name a few.

    Currently, Rishwanth's passion led him to be part of Joint Doctoral Research at the University of Melbourne with KU Leuven, Belgium. Rishwanth's excitement in providing guidance and affinity towards his alma mater makes him contribute to the legacy of Melbourne University.

    Apart from academic and professional activities, Rishwanth has a Karate Black belt-2nd grade and loves to try different cuisines and travel & explore new places.