About Alumni Groups

Alumni groups, organised and managed by alumni volunteers, offer regular opportunities for alumni to connect for personal and professional reasons and extend the University’s connection with alumni on a global scale.

Hong Kong Alumni Beer Tasting & Brewery Tour
Hong Kong Beer Tasting & Brewery Tour

While most of our 470,000+ alumni live within Victoria, we also have many thousands of alumni living overseas. Alumni Associations, networks and groups work hard to ensure that alumni outside Victoria can maintain a strong and meaningful connection with the University.

These groups are involved with welcoming alumni returning or relocating to their region, helping to organise University events, establishing social and business connections for fellow alumni and acting as advocates and representatives of their alumni community.

Alumni Groups may be organised based on:

  • Region (focusing on alumni in a given city, country or region)
  • Faculty or academic discipline
  • Extra-curricular interests

Alumni groups serving a large alumni community (over 1,000 alumni) and in areas of specific focus for the University may wish to formalise their connection to the University by becoming affiliated Alumni Associations. Informal groups that serve smaller communities or connect alumni based on industry or professional interests are referred to by the University as Alumni Networks.

If you are interested in setting up an alumni group please contact the Alumni Office on +61 3 9035 4054 or submit an enquiry.

Alumni Associations

Japan Alumni Welcome Event 2019
Japan Welcome Event 2019

Our valuable Alumni Associations offer regular opportunities for alumni to stay involved and active in the life of the University.

Run by volunteers, these formally affiliated groups help to foster a connection between the University and alumni on a global scale. They also help graduates connect with each other for personal and professional reasons. 

Each year our Alumni Associations host Welcome… events where new alumni returning or relocating to cities outside Melbourne can meet their local Alumni Associations and alumni communities.

The Welcome... event series is a great way for alumni to stay connected with the University of Melbourne. Stay in the know about the next event by updating your details.

Alumni Networks

Alumni groups that are smaller in size (representing communities less than 1,000 alumni) and, informal in nature and/or defined by discipline or professional focus are referred to by the University as Alumni Networks.

These networks may be defined by location, discipline or industry and professional interests. International Alumni Networks may be based in growing alumni communities, an emerging region or a location where alumni have expressed a keen interest in leading a group, but the alumni population is relatively small. Industry or discipline-based networks are often supported by the Faculty from which their constituents have graduated.

Alumni Networks have an informal relationship with the University and are largely responsible for managing their own program of events and activities.

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