Climate at the University of Melbourne

What is the University doing to lead on climate action?

The University of Melbourne’s enduring purpose is to benefit society through the transformative impact of education and research.

It recognises its responsibility to lead and act on the critical challenges of global sustainability in a changing climate, as laid out in its Sustainability Framework.

To this end, it has named climate action as a key element of its Advancing Melbourne strategy.

In May 2022, the University set out its new Sustainability Plan 2030, which further cements its proactive climate change policies. The plan builds upon three key domains:

  • Amplifying action through campus and communities
  • Mobilising knowledge for action
  • Walking the talk in our operations

The University of Melbourne is committed to ‘walking the talk’ on climate action and instituting real policies that apply the research undertaken at the University and allow it to lead by example.

In 2021, the University committed to achieving carbon positive status by 2030, including achieving carbon neutral certification by 2025. ‘Climate positive’ is a step further than ‘carbon neutral’ as it removes more greenhouse gas emissions than generated.

For further detail, you can read Frequently Asked Questions about the Sustainability Plan 2030.

In November 2021, the University also signed on to participate in the global Race to Zero campaign for Universities and Colleges as a means of reinforcing its commitment to climate action.

The University is also committed to transparency in its sustainability efforts. Read the Sustainability Report 2021.

Read more about the University’s climate research on our Research Hub and our climate partners.