The impact of climate change on earth’s water systems is felt across economies, environments, societies and cultures. This program is concerned with understanding and responding to hydrological changes in soils, surface-waters, sub-surface water stores and estuaries.

Changes in these water systems threaten many ecosystem services on which humans depend. Understanding and responding to these threats is becoming a major focus for governments, industries and civil societies worldwide. Water connects across landscapes and values and these challenges engage disciplines across the University campus. The water program enables conversations across these disciplines to participate in global, national and local challenges of adapting with changing water systems.

Program lead

Professor Andrew Western, Head of Department of Infrastructure Engineering and Chair of Hydrology and Water Resources at the The Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology (FEIT)

Grants and resources

Water, Environment and Agriculture Platform (Faculty of Engineering and Information Technology)

Environmental Hydrology and Water Resources Group

Victorian Drought Resilience Adoption and Innovation Hub

Mallee Regional Innovation Centre