Strategic priorities

How Melbourne Climate Futures (MCF) is accelerating the transition to a positive climate future

Our purpose, vision and goals

Melbourne Climate Futures  (MCF) is committed to transparent and accountable reporting. View our 20212022 annual report.

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Melbourne Climate Futures' (MCF) purpose is to drive the University of Melbourne’s leadership role on one of the greatest and urgent global challenges of our time – the future of our planet, and our society, with climate change.


We will accelerate the transition to a positive climate future, focusing our efforts both nationally and globally, with particular attention to serving our growing Indo-Pacific region.


We will become a leading voice in Australia, the Indo-Pacific region and globally, that brings about greater action on climate change by:

  • Leveraging University of Melbourne research capability and expertise, convening power and partnerships for meaningful impact
  • Creating and sharing research, knowledge, and leadership on climate to external stakeholders and end users
  • Building and empowering the next generation of climate students and researchers to become leaders with the skills, knowledge, and networks to address the climate challenge.

Our strategy

MCF supports the University Advancing Melbourne 2030 strategy’s ambitions, spanning all five themes: Place, Community, Discovery, Education, Global.

MCF has three strategic objectives.


Leveraging the breadth and depth of the University's climate research capability, convening power and partnerships for meaningful impact.

Key actions and enablers


Enabling access to University climate research and expertise for external stakeholders and research end users to collaborate, including in the Indo-Pacific region.

Key actions and enablers

  • Indo-Pacific Climate Hub enabling research, knowledge-sharing and leadership on adaptation, resilience and justice in the Indo-Pacific region to realise a positive climate future
  • Program on sustainable finance, focusing on tools and pathways for mobilising finance for low carbon economic transition
  • Australian Climate Litigation Database
  • Website, Pursuit and research publications, media and social media
  • Program of engagement events


Empowering the next generation of researchers and students to strive for a sustainable climate future, while also working with the University to ensure it is a world leader in decarbonisation.

Key actions and enablers

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