Climate Kids

Explaining climate for the kids who will live our positive climate future

The climate crisis is complicated and our kids have questions! Luckily, our UniMelb experts are here to answer them in this series from MCF.

How did climate change start?

In episode one, Elsie, Zoe and Hanna want to get to the bottom of how all this climate change business started! Dr Lily and Dr Linden do a bit of time travel to explain just how carbon was captured millions of years ago, and why it's getting out into our atmosphere now. Plus, stick around to the end for tips on how you can help slow global warming!

Special thanks to our experts, Professor David Karoly, Professor Ary Hoffman, and Dr Linden Ashcroft.

If you're an educator, check out our show notes to guide your lesson plans!

Climate Kids: How did climate change start?
Climate Kids

Climate Kids is created and written by Dr Lily O'Neill. Dr Lily presents it, with the help of Dr Linden Ashcroft, who co-authors the episodes.

The facts and information you hear come from experts from across the University of Melbourne.

Climate Kids is produced, directed, animated and edited by Greta Robenstone.

The amazing illustrations are by Dr Philippa Garrard.

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