Climate change has substantial impacts on Australian agriculture, affecting crop productivity through multiple pathways, including extreme weather events such as flood and drought. Agriculture in Australia also contributes to a changing climate, accounting for 13 per cent of Australian greenhouse gas emissions in 2019.

There are opportunities to reduce emissions in the agricultural sector by implementing mitigation and adaptation measures that address the impact of agriculture on climate change and build agricultural resilience to current and future climatic changes. These opportunities involve technological, governance and corporate strategies that require interdisciplinary and cross-sectoral collaborations. Such opportunities include regenerative agriculture, which shifts land management from traditional intensive framing practices toward practices that prioritise ecological health and prepare for agricultural shocks and stresses.

Program leads

Professor Richard Eckard, Professor of Sustainable Agriculture, Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences; Director, Primary Industries Climate Challenges Centre (PICCC)

Professor Rod Keenan, Chair of Forest and Ecosystem Science, Faculty of Science

Grants and resources

ARC Research Hub for Smart Fertilisers

Scaling up Regenerative Agriculture

Trees on Farms

Primary Industries Climate Challenges Centre