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Melbourne Climate Futures(MCF) drives the University of Melbourne’s leadership role on one of the greatest and urgent global challenges of our time – the future of our planet, and our society, with climate change.

We bring together research and expertise from across the University, not only to learn and educate, but to become a guiding voice for policymakers, industry, the public, and our own University community in Australia and the Indo-Pacific region to enact real change.

Melbourne Climate Futures(MCF) connects and amplifies the depth and breadth of University of Melbourne research, creates a portal to share ideas and collaborate on real action, and empowers the next generation of climate activists. We’re here to lead the University’s push to walk the talk on climate action.

Our vision is to accelerate the transition to a positive climate future, focusing our efforts both nationally and globally, with particular attention to serving our growing Indo-Pacific region.

In pursuing this vision, we are guided by the following principles:

  • Impact: focusing on areas where the initiative and the University can make a significant and timely contribution and seeking to accelerate necessary change through a positive, solutions-oriented approach.
  • Collaboration: open and authentic in our engagement, seeking to understand stakeholders’ needs, respect and include diverse knowledges, particularly from First Nations peoples, and co-design solutions.
  • Accountability: holding organisations, including our own, to account on their climate-related commitments.
  • Future-focused: enabling and empowering the voices, perspectives and contributions of youth, students and future generations

Melbourne Climate Futures (MCF) engages with the challenge of leading climate research and climate action to help progress to a sustainable, safe, fair and equitable climate future.

We are committed to transparent and accountable reporting. View our 20212022 annual report.

Read MCF's 2022 Annual Report