COP31 Universities Alliance

A collaborative partnership of universities from across Australia and the Pacific committed to supporting a successful COP31.

The COP31 Universities Alliance is an initiative between leading Australian and Pacific universities to coordinate the efforts and contribution of the Australia-Pacific higher education and research sector towards COP31.

COP31 Universities Alliance

The COP31 Universities Alliance aims to:

Provide policy support

Provide the evidence base for evaluating options and proposing ambitious climate policy.

Develop capacity and networks

Help build capacity for climate change action and deepen networks through universities' partnerships in our region

Re-envision COP formats

Propose and explore alternative COP formats to improve their effectiveness, inclusivity and sustainability.

Convene discussions around COP31

Provide a forum for authentic dialogues   on complex issues that generates options for policy innovation.


The COP31 Universities Alliance will organise its activities in the lead up to COP31 around thematic priorities, such as:

  • Advancing action on global goals on adaptation, including finance for adaptation and loss and damage
  • Just energy transition, including the role of green industry and critical minerals
  • First Nations and Pacific engagement and inclusion and Indigenous and Local Knowledges
  • Understanding climate change impacts on human and ecosystems
  • Innovating the format of COPs.

COP31 Universities Alliance priorities

The COP31 Universities Alliance is currently governed by an interim steering group, consisting of representatives from ANU, Griffith University, Monash University, UNSW and the University of Melbourne. It is chaired by Professor Jacqueline Peel, Director at Melbourne Climate Futures.

An initial proposed COP31 Universities Alliance activity is a broadly based event to gather perspectives and discuss ideas about what a successful Australia-Pacific COP31 might look like.

The Alliance is seeking funding to further activate our efforts, including to coordinate and develop expert policy evaluations and to assist in capacity-development for Pacific partners.

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