Implementing evidence-based strategies  to reduce carbon emissions and promote co-benefits for health.


Reducing greenhouse gas emissions and addressing environmental pollution has known benefits for health. We are working to accelerate implementation of known and efficacious interventions that are readily available from within the University to tackle emissions. Our currentl focus is on reducing transport emissions and promoting behaviour change towards more sustainable modes of transport.


Mark Stevenson - Professor of Urban Transport and Public Health, Melbourne School of Design and MDHS

  • Mark is an epidemiologist and Professor of Urban Transport and Public Health. His research has  directly influenced transport policy and worked with both Federal and State Governments in Australia and internationally on transport safety and public health. Prof Stevenson is the director of the Transport, Health and Urban Design research lab comprising a cross-disciplinary research team exploring how the effects of urban form and transportation influence the health of residents in cities.

Clare Walter – Honorary Research Fellow – Melbourne School of Population and Global health, MDHS

  • Clare is a public health PhD candidate at the University of Queensland, researching the health impacts of air pollution in Australia and the associated policies designed to mitigate the impacts. Previously based at the Peter Mac lung cancer clinics as a specialist pharmacist, Clare’s advocacy work began in response to the growing number of lung cancer patients with no smoking history, and the categorisation of diesel exhaust as a group 1 carcinogen.