Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Centre for Disaster Management and Public Safety

Developing novel and advanced applications of UAS technology in disaster management practice.


The UAV research unit’s mission focuses on the novel and advanced application of this technology in disaster management practice.

This unit is the founding member of the Melbourne Unmanned Aircraft Systems Integration Platform (MUASIP), which supports and coordinate research being conducted across the University of Melbourne in relation to the payload design/integration, UAS-based data acquisition, and data processing.


To provide academic and professional services (unique system integration, sensor calibration, testing, field survey, and date processing) and training (UAS configuration and operation) to facilitate collaborations and to trigger innovations in UAS development.


  • 3D mapping and monitoring of public assets including the Royal Exhibition Building and the Royal Botanic Gardens
  • Mapping of fuel and vegetation to assist with monitoring and managing fire prone landscapes
  • UAV remote sensing of agricultural landscapes for detecting crop stresses. This type of monitoring can assist with identifying water stress and disease and can also help predict crop yield.


  • Finding innovative sensing solutions to natural hazards, environmental management and sustainability as a highly cross-disciplinary team
  • Providing improved management capability enabled by accurate and quicker assessment of public assets
  • Leading novel and critical information input to emerging Big Data system tailored to broad spatial and infrastructure engineering challenges

Unit lead