AFL Safety Report

In 2016, the Australian Football League (AFL) commissioned CDMPS to review their current policies and processes for managing crisis events and ensuring site and staff safety. The Centre made recommendations to help enable the AFL to respond to and recover from crisis.

Safety is a matter of considerable importance, especially given that over 6.3 million people attend AFL matches throughout the AFL season, with an average attendance of over 32 000 people per match.

CDMPS conducted extensive site evaluations and reviewed a number of the AFL’s emergency management plans, focusing on the core business, staff and property. Our review made it apparent that the AFL had a sound foundation for emergency crisis management. CDMPS assisted in identifying potential threats and highlighting gaps within the AFL’s crisis management procedures, we then made recommendations for remedial actions.

CDMPS provided the AFL with a comprehensive report to assist the AFL with enhancing safety of the key AFL sites and their general staff safety. The AFL has prioritised the recommendations for implementation.