Mission Critical Communications

Centre for Disaster Management and Public Safety

Raising awareness and understanding of the importance of resilient, interoperable communications for the public safety market.


The Mission Critical Communications Research Unit aims to raise awareness and understanding of the importance of highly resilient interoperable communications to the sectors contained within the public safety market.


To actively identify, inform and advocate for the inclusion of mission critical communications and national spatial data infrastructure in planning for the infrastructure to secure Australia’s future economic prosperity and social wellbeing.


CDMPS has built a global network of organisations involved in the mission critical communications ecosystem. CDMPS uses this network to explore current, emerging and future issues that have the potential to influence or impact the ecosystem. This network capability allows us to provide timely advice that can be incorporated in our developing research agenda. CDMPS uses an integrated approach to Ph.D. research to maximise outcomes, which are designed to be adopted by the First Responder Community and strengthen community resilience.


CDMPS continues to work to raise the importance, awareness and understanding of mission critical public safety communications to the role performed by the First Responder Community, strengthening community resilience and national security. We have particular focused on having mission critical public safety communications recognised by decision makers as “Critical Infrastructure” as specifically noted by the Australian Governments’ House of Representatives Committee on Infrastructure, Transportation and Cities.

Unit lead

Professor Thas A. Nirmalathas

Industry members

Mr Geoff Spring, CDMPS Senior Industry Advisor

Mr Dave Williams, CDMPS Senior Industry Advisor


Mr Geoff Spring
Email: geoff.spring@unimelb.edu.au