Infrastructure Resilience

Centre for Disaster Management and Public Safety

Advancing the field of disaster mitigation by fostering the scientific community's collaboration for critical technology.


This unit aims to significantly advance the field of disaster mitigation by fostering the collaboration of several scientific communities that contribute critical technological elements for disaster.


To integrate existing expertise in risk and vulnerability assessment, infrastructure modelling and protection, structural health monitoring, advanced protective materials and systems for producing innovative solutions to assist government and private sectors in enhancing the resilience of the Australia’s critical infrastructure from extreme natural and man-made disasters.


Advanced Design for Extreme Events

  • Modelling structural behaviour for blast, shock and impact mitigation
  • Progressive collapse, and post-event damage assessment
  • Antiterrorist and force protection of building and infrastructure under blast, shock and impact
  • GIS technologies for risk assessment
  • Protection of transport, water and gas pipelines system

Sustainable Lightweight Construction Materials

  • Eco-friendly High Performance Materials
  • Advanced Material Characterisations and Detection

Innovative Construction Technologies

  • Architectural and Structural Modular Design
  • Advanced Building Systems and Assembly

Innovative Fire Engineering

  • Advanced Full-Scale Testing Facilities
  • Fire Resistant Materials

Unit leads