Graduation: Dr Saeed Asadi Bagloee

We congratulate Dr Saeed Asadi Bagloee on receiving his Doctorate degree on Monday the 11th of December at the University of Melbourne.

Research Title: Road Space Optimisation for Multiclass and Multimodal Traffic Networks
Supervisors: Prof. Majid Sarvi, Prof. Abbas Rajabifard & A/Prof. Russell George Thompson

During his PhD, Saeed addressed chronic traffic congestion in urban areas via synchronised solutions, including constructing new roads and bridges to ease traffic congestion, and promoting public transport. Applications of his research in disaster management includes identifying roads that are vital for search and rescue teams for accessing disaster affected areas. His research also
provides a new navigation paradigm for connected vehicles, insofar as, traffic congestion can be significantly reduced. Saeed specialised in large scale optimisation and transport science with over twelve years’ industry experience.

Saeed is now working in CDMPS as a research fellow in charge of an ARC Linkage Project; a collaborative project with VicRoads.