Mid subject surveys (MSS)

The University is introducing mid subject surveys (MSS) as an option that your Subject Coordinator may choose to deploy.

Please note:

  • When a MSS is deployed in a subject is at the discretion of the Subject Coordinator. It may be after a particular range of topics, or assessment activities, or other subject milestones that they wish to have completed before gauging your learning experience. Consequently, they are not strictly a 'mid-term' event.
  • MSS are intended to gauge how you and your peers are engaging with the subject, and how you feel you are going with your learning. It is an opportunity to provide feedback for your Subject Coordinator while the subject is still ongoing, and helps inform your coordinator if you are having difficulty with certain topics, activities or other aspects of your learning experience. The intent is that the coordinator can address or adapt the subject, to make a 'mid flight course correction' if needed, to help with your learning and that of your peers.
  • You should read carefully the notes and instructions provided for MSS as to whether:
    • The surveys are anonymous or not. Even if a survey is anonymous, remember that at all times communications and responses need to be courteous and abide by the student conduct policy
    • Which way scales move (positive to negative or the other way) as different tools and survey instruments can choose to have their own scales and directions,

Technical support

Support is available for the University's survey and polling platforms.


Quizzes set up as an anonymous survey - see general LMS quiz guide for students.


Student guides


You can identify a University of Melbourne Qualtrics survey by either:

  • The small Powered by Qualtrics tag on the survey
  • The website address is:
    • melbourneuni1.au1.qualtrics.com
    • melbourneuni2.au1.qualtrics.com

If you have difficulty participating in a Qualtrics survey please first contact Student IT. They will be able to help you directly or refer the matter on your behalf for additional support.

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