Information for staff

Getting started with Student Learning Surveys (SLS)

This page and the guides that follow focus on the practical processes and expectations of the (SLS). Please refer to other areas of the website to find out more about the survey and its purpose, and the survey questions and structure.

The SLS plays an important role in the University’s quality improvement processes for teaching and subject development.

The SLS consists of two elements:

  • A mid subject survey (MSS) - the use of an MSS is at the Subject Coordinator's discretion, but is highly recommended. This can be deployed using any supported University of Melbourne appropriate tool and the questions can be modified or added to as the subject coordinator wishes.
  • An end of subject survey (ESS) - the ESS is deployed in the Explorance Blue platform and is supported by Learning Environments. Local SLS representatives co-ordinate the scheduling activity for all subjects in a school or faculty.

Below is an overview of the staff roles in the surveying cycle, and some key information to help you become familiar with SLS processes and expectations. This information should be used as a starting point only: all staff members involved in the SLS surveying cycle are expected to be familiar with SLS policy and procedures.