Important Information

Access Times

When classes are in session, no filming or photography is allowed between 8am - 6pm on weekdays.

Please be aware that the University of Melbourne is an active and operational space during weekdays and some weekends.

Permission to film and photograph on campus is contingent upon the locations where filming and photography is taking place. It is imperative that the University community has access to all active facilities.


View the University calendar to determine suitable dates for your project.

Campus Management

To help you locate buildings and other facilities, visit our Campus Maps page

Cancellation Policy

Cancellations within 48 hours of the shoot will be charged 25% of the total fee.

Cigarette Smoking

The University of Melbourne is a smoke free campus.

Construction & Modifications

Requests for modifications and temporary constructions will be assessed on an individual basis and must be approved by your Filming Coordinator and specified in the Location Agreement.

Crew Behaviour

As guests of the University, all film crew and personnel are expected to behave appropriately and act in a way that is not offensive to students, faculty, staff, administrators or other University guests.

The University security team patrol campus at all times, and you will be asked to leave the grounds if your behaviour is deemed inappropriate.


Drones may only be used on campus with prior written approval from Campus Security, 7 days prior to scheduled filming.


Please contact us to discuss your project. Location fees are charged for most commercial projects however, they are determined on a case by case basis.

Firearms, Weapons & Special Effects

The use of firearms, weapons and special effects is strictly forbidden except by prior arrangement. This includes any use of “prop” firearms/weapons.

If permitted, you must provide evidence of approval from Victoria Police (Emergency Services Telecommunications Authority (ESTA) – Filming Notification).


The University of Melbourne must receive all insurance documents a minimum of two (2) days prior to any crew coming on campus.

External clients

All external clients must provide evidence of their own

  • Certificate of Currency for Workcover,
  • Public Liability Insurance with a minimum of $20 million Limit of Liability, and
  • Motor Vehicle Insurance of $20 million Limit of Liability in respect of Third Party Property Damage is required for all vehicles entering the University campus which is evidenced by a Certificate of Currency

before any University of Melbourne campus access is provided.

University of Melbourne current staff and students

Staff and students of the University of Melbourne are insured under the University’s Public Liability Insurance however, Public Liability Insurance and Personal Accident Insurance cover is provided to volunteers (not external independent contractors) engaged by VCA students.

External clients who are not directly associated with a currently enrolled VCA  student undertaking an authorised course activity must provide evidence of their own Limit of Public Liability Insurance ($20M preferably, but an absolute minimum of $10M) in the form of a Certificate of Currency before any campus access is provided.

Students from other institutions

Students from other institutions must submit a copy of their home institution Public Liability Insurance in the form of a Certificate of Currency.

Location Agreement

Once you and your Filming Coordinator have agreed upon all specifications for your shoot, a Location Agreement will be issued.

The Location Agreement must be signed and returned to your Filming Coordinator prior to any vehicle or crew entering the University campus.

The Location Agreement will be issued by the University and we are unable to sign external agreements.

Metro Tunnel Project

Major works on the Metro Tunnel Project are underway and will impact the University's Parkville Campus until 2026.  The University has no control over noise levels from the construction, access via Grattan st is unavailable and venue availability is limited.

Occupational Health & Safety

When you are on University of Melbourne grounds, you must comply with the University’s health and safety policies.

Film crews must ensure that the placement of any equipment does not cause any safety hazard to staff, students or campus visitors such as tripping or fire hazards or blocked exits.

Hot Work

Hot work (anything that creates an ignition point including welding, fire, candles etc) must not be undertaken without a permit and will be expressly included in the Location Agreement.

Cable Management

All cables in public walkways must have a cable management system in place. The University’s preferred method is the cable tray system. All other methods must be approved by the University prior to commencement of the licence period.

Test and Tag

All electrical equipment must have current test and tag certification.

Online Induction

The induction process is mandatory for all contractors, sub-contractors, suppliers and their employees who are expected to work on the University of Melbourne campuses.

The induction is compulsory and must be undertaken prior to entering the campus and is valid for two years.

Contractor Induction

Username: unimelb

Password: contractor

Service Centre Officer

A dedicated University of Melbourne Service Centre Officer is required for the duration of your shoot where multiple indoor/outdoor venues are booked and/or your filming involves large numbers of crew/cast.

The location fee covers the cost of one University of Melbourne representative to be your location liaison whilst you are on campus – additional staff will be charged at an hourly rate.


All on-campus vehicle parking and any crew vehicle entering and parking on campus must be approved by your Filming Coordinator.

Equipment vehicles are permitted on campus only by prior arrangement and must be parked in marked bays.

Entry to campus is via Gate 10 unless otherwise approved.

More information

Parking Permits

Parking permits can be purchased at the pay machines located at North Court (off Tin Alley) or at the rear of the Transport & Parking Office at 213 Grattan Street.


Parking infringement notices will be issued to any vehicle not displaying a valid permit and not parked in marked bays (except by prior arrangement).

The Traffic Office can be contacted on 03 8344 7877.


If you are filming or photographing images of identifiable individuals you must obtain their consent in writing.

You cannot publish, exhibit or sell photography to a third party without the express written consent of the subject that appears in the image.

This is an obligation under the Australian Privacy Legislation.

More information

Projects the University does not support

We are currently not accepting shoots for commercial advertising projects. For example, car manufacturers, clothing companies, cosmetics, banking etc.

The University does not support projects that promote alcohol, tobacco, gambling, fireworks, pornography, firearms/weapons, violence, or have any political or religious affiliations.

Roof Access

Roof access will be not be granted without prior permission from your Filming Coordinator and will be included as a clause in your Location Agreement.

If you require roof access to any University building, you must comply with the University’s OH&S policies.

Applicants must follow University procedure and induction processes and, if advised, use the University’s preferred suppliers/contractors.

Three weeks notice is required for any roof access and additional fees may apply.


In a life-threatening emergency, dial 000 first.

In an emergency, contact the Security Control Room: 03 8344 6666.

For general security enquiries please call 03 8344 4674.


When filming in the University Grounds the University makes no guarantee that background noises can be eliminated or reduced. Eg. Building works in surrounding buildings, lawnmowers.

Traffic Management Plan

Once your shoot dates and locations have been approved and you have confirmed the number of vehicles, crew and cast coming on campus, you may be asked to provide a traffic management plan by our Traffic Office.

This ensures all pedestrians can move around the shoot location safely and efficiently.

UMSU - University of Melbourne Student Union

Access to the Student Union is unavailable from November - March annually

Using the University Brand & Trademarks

You will not be permitted to photograph or film any written signs or any other evidence that identifies the University of Melbourne unless prior approval is provided in your Location Agreement.

VIPs / High Profile Talent & Visitors

To ensure the safety of staff and students on campus, a complete list of all VIPs and high profile talent involved in your filming or photography project must be supplied to your Filming Coordinator.

Include in your application any risk associated with the VIP (present or historical) and the prospect of threats, protesters or media attendance.