University dates

Students should also refer to the Manage your course - Key dates for information about timetables, subject and fee dates, re-enrolment, and other key information.

Day/Date Activity
Monday 25 December to Monday 1 January Christmas holiday
Tuesday 2 January to Sunday 25 February Summer Term - See the 2024 Handbook for specific dates for subjects delivered over the Summer Term
Friday 26 January Australia Day holiday
Monday 12 February to Monday 19 February Summer Examinations
Monday 19 February to Friday 23 February Melbourne Orientation & Commencement Ceremonies
Monday 26 February to Sunday 26 May Semester 1 - 12 teaching weeks
Monday 11 March to Friday 15 March Employability Week
Friday 29 March to Tuesday 2 April Easter holiday
Friday 29 March to Sunday 7 April Easter, Non-teaching period & UA Common Vacation Week
Thursday 25 April ANZAC Day holiday
Monday 27 May to Friday 31 May SWOT Vac
Monday 3 June to Friday 21 June Examinations
Monday 10 June King's Birthday holiday - Students with a scheduled exam on the King’s birthday holiday will be required to sit the exam
Monday 24 June Start of Winter Term intensive subjects - See the 2024 Handbook for specific dates for subjects delivered over the Winter Term
Friday 5 July Results final release date
Thursday 11 July to Thursday 18 July Special/Supplementary Examinations
Monday 15 July to Friday 19 July Melbourne Orientation
Monday 22 July to Sunday 20 October Semester 2 - 12 teaching weeks
Monday 5 August to Friday 9 August Employability Week
Monday 23 September to Sunday 29 September Semester 2 non-teaching period & UA Common Vacation Week
Friday 27 September AFL Grand Final Eve holiday - Friday before AFL Grand Final (TBC)
Monday 21 October to Friday 25 October SWOT Vac
Monday 28 October to Friday 15 November Examinations
Friday 29 November Results final release date
Thursday 5 December to Thursday 12 December Special/Supplementary Examinations
Wednesday 25 December to Wednesday 1 January Christmas holiday

University holidays