How To

Please follow the steps below to organise your filming or photography project at the University of Melbourne

1. Review the Filming & Photography Resources

To ensure you have an easy and efficient experience before, during and after your shoot, we want to provide you with as much information as possible.

Visit our Resources page for all the information you will need about using the University of Melbourne as a location for your production.

2. Contact us

Please contact us to discuss your project.

3. Gain script approval

Before you complete any paperwork or come on campus, please submit a copy of the final script or storyboard to

We will consider all requests, however your project may be declined if it:

  • is of reputational risk to the University in terms of inappropriate, explicit or derogatory subject matter or themes, or denotes incorrect University endorsement of a company or product.
  • will impact on the day to day functioning of the University.

4. Check suitable dates 

When classes are in session, filming or photography is not allowed between 8am - 6pm weekdays (Monday – Friday).

Permission to shoot on a weekday may be granted on a case by case basis.

Contact us for more information, or view the University calendar.

5. Schedule a location visit

We have a range of locations available, from heritage listed buildings and gardens to contemporary architecture.

Image Gallery

Once you have a list of potential dates and locations, please contact us to schedule an on-site visit with our Filming Coordinator.

During this visit, the Filming Coordinator will:

  • show you around requested locations
  • discuss shoot dates
  • discuss fees and specific requirements.

6. Obtain an estimate of costs

Once you have a list of dates and locations, we will check availability and work with you to tailor an estimate based on your requirements.

The estimate will include a breakdown of location fees, additional venue charges, parking and security requirements and any other University staffing charges.

7. Submit application form

We can’t allow any shoot to begin, or any vehicle to enter campus until all paperwork has been finalised.

Prior to coming on campus, you must:

Please do not assume your request is approved until you have submitted and signed all required forms and are given written approval from the University.

8. What to do on the day

On the day of the shoot, direct all enquiries to your Filming Coordinator.

Your Filming Coordinator will be onsite to ensure adherence to University policies, respond to budgetary and contractual changes, and resolve any issues or concerns that may arise.

Your shoot will also be allocated an Onsite Support Officer who will provide building access and information on building operation systems. For certain locations, a venue representative may also be required.

9. Finalise payment

At the end of your shoot, your Filming Coordinator and a representative from your production company will walk the site and make note of the condition.

We will then send you a final invoice reflecting the detailed breakdown of the final charges within 30 days of your shoot.