Alumni Mentoring Programs

The University of Melbourne offers a range of mentoring programs, connecting alumni with current students. Mentoring is a great opportunity to pass on advice that you may have needed early in your career. Make an impact by providing students with crucial guidance and support through a structured one-to-one relationship in the early stages of career planning.

Finding the right mentoring program

Our mentoring programs range in style, formality, time commitment, and other factors. Voluntary mentorship must work for all parties, so reflecting on your own requirements will help you find the right program for you.

We recommend exploring these stories from our mentors and mentees to help inform your decisions.

Browse our mentoring programs below to best understand the requirements and experiences of each.

If in doubt, contact us for any help you need.

Benefits for mentors

Mentors gain personal and professional benefits from participating in the program.

Personal benefits

  • Gaining a sense of personal fulfilment from helping students
  • Giving back to the University
  • Mentors can make a real difference in their mentee’s life by offering the advice and support they wish they had when they started their careers.

Professional benefits

  • Developing transferable skills in areas such as coaching, leadership and communication.
  • Gaining an experience that can be showcased on a CV.
  • Through mentoring, mentors reflect on their own career, and can recognise their own success.

Faculty-specific mentoring

Our faculty-specific mentoring programs foster strong relationships between second and third-year students and industry experts. These mentoring programs run for 6-12 months with as many one-on-one meetings as you see fit. Continuing your mentorship outside of the formal timings is up to you. The level of industry experience needed to become a mentor differs per faculty and your mentee match will be made based on your industry compatibility. Select your area of expertise to find out more.

  • Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences

    The MDHS Mentoring Program is an 8-month commitment that connects final-year students with an experienced alumni mentor in their chosen study area.

    Applications for the 2024 program are now closed.

    Find out more about the MDHS mentoring program

  • Melbourne Law School

    The Melbourne Law School Mentoring Program is a 2-semester commitment that connects JD students (any year of their degree) and full-time international MLM students with a law alumni with at least three years of professional experience.

    Applications for the 2024 Semester 2 program are now open.

    Visit the MLS faculty page to apply for the 2024 program

  • Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics

    The STEM Mentoring Program happens in the second semester of the year and connects students studying a Science undergraduate, postgraduate or graduate research degree, or Engineering or IT postgraduate student with an industry partner.

    Applications for the 2024 program are now open.

    Visit the STEM page to apply for the 2024 program

  • Business and Economics

    The Business and Economics Career Mentoring Program matches FBE graduate and undergraduate students with industry experts. The program runs annually from April to October.

    Applications for the 2024 FBE Career Mentoring Program have now closed.

    Find out more about the FBE Career Mentoring Program

  • Architecture, Building and Planning

    The Architecture, Building and Planning Mentoring Program matches ABP graduates as well as 2nd and 3rd-year undergraduate students with a built environment major, with alumni and industry experts.

    Applications for the 2024 program are now open.

    Visit the ABP page to apply for the 2024 program

University-wide mentoring

Our students come to The University of Melbourne from broad backgrounds and experiences and may need support through challenges outside of their industry-specific courses. We offer a range of mentoring opportunities to guide students who are new to Melbourne, come from diverse backgrounds, and face diverse challenges. These programs require different levels of commitment and engagement from mentors, from one-off conversations to continuous face-to-face meetings. Mentors who have had similar experiences to their mentees are best suited to these programs.

  • Ask Alumni

    No matter where you are in the world or how much time you're able to commit, joining the University’s most flexible mentoring program is easy and accessible. This platform is designed for one-off 30-minute career conversations, connecting students and alumni on a range of topics.

    Apply at any time for the Ask Alumni program.

    Find out more about the Ask Alumni program

  • Access Connections

    This program connects Access Melbourne's undergraduate students who are under-represented in higher education with mentors from our alumni community. Commencing in Semester 2, mentors and mentees will meet at least three times, and ongoingly if suited to both parties.

    Applications for the Access Connections 2024 program are now open.

    Visit the Access Connections page to apply for the 2024 program

  • Grand Challenges

    Grand Challenges is a three-week, real-world project experience in which students are allocated into inter-disciplinary teams from across the University to undertake a consulting project to solve a 'Grand Challenge' for a real-life industry client. As a mentor, you will have the opportunity to volunteer your time to support a diverse team of University of Melbourne students while developing your own mentoring and coaching skills.

    Applications for the Grand Challenges Program are now open.

    Find out more about the Grand Challenges Program

  • Welcome to Melbourne

    International Australia Award students are matched with members of our alumni community who act as cultural hosts, introducing students to life in Melbourne by sharing a social activity together.

    Applications for the 2024 semester 2 program are now open.

    Find out more about the Welcome to Melbourne program

  • Strong Women Network

    The Strong Women Network Mentorship Program is a year-long mentorship program commencing in Semester 2. The program matches undergraduate student-athletes in their final or penultimate year of study as well as current postgraduate student-athletes with women from the University of Melbourne community with involvement in high performance sport as an athlete, leader, coach, and/or administrator. The Network aims to impart student-athletes with leadership abilities, vocational skills, connections, and career pathway opportunities within the field of sport.

    Expressions of interest for 2024 program are now open.

    Find out more about the Strong Women Network program

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