Novel coronavirus (COVID-19) update

The University of Melbourne is deeply concerned about the impact of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. The welfare of our community are primary considerations for our response. We are adapting and responding to the evolving situation to provide individualised support and care for everyone in our community who may be impacted, including providing access to current information and advice.

We have established a team of dedicated staff to provide up-to-date support and advice to students and staff via phone, web and email.

We are facilitating delayed start dates, online learning, catch-up arrangements and deferrals for affected students on a course-by-course basis to meet the varied needs of individuals.

We are proactively engaging with students to offer assistance during this challenging time. This includes a range of supports for students undertaking a period of self-isolation.

We are also aiming to be as flexible as possible in allowing studies to progress for students affected by the situation.

People affected include those who are unable to arrive in Australia due to the current travel restrictions and those who have arrived in Australia and are impacted by self-isolation. The University is working with the government, higher education sector, government agencies and partners to provide a holistic and effective response to this ongoing situation. We value the welfare of our community and will endeavour to address concerns individually, respecting each individual's unique situation during this challenging time.

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