University Security

Find security services, support and the SafeZone app.

Need help? In a life-threatening emergency call 000, then call University Security on 834 46666.

Contact security

Contact University Security at any time by calling 834 46666 or 1800 246 066 (free call). In any life-threatening situation, always call Victorian emergency services first via 000 (0 000 from a University landline). Call University Security immediately after calling emergency services.

Book a security escort

If you ever feel unsafe getting around the Parkville or Southbank campus, trained security officers are available to escort you to locations on or near the campus. This free service is available to all students and staff from anywhere on campus. You can book an escort at any time, or book in advance to avoid delays. Request this service by calling University Security 834 46666 or 1800 246 066 (free call).

Blue help phones on campus

Blue emergency help phone booths at various points in the Parkville, Southbank, Burnley and Werribee campuses are a contact point with University Security if you feel threatened, need security, or require security information.  Activate the phone by pressing the 'emergency' button. Pressing this button generates an alarm in the security control room and activates CCTV cameras. A security officer will answer the call and dispatch help if required. You can find emergency phone locations on the Parkville and Southbank campuses on the University's map website.

Patrolling and monitoring the campus

The University has trained security officers that patrol our campuses 24 hours a day on foot, on bicycles and in vehicles. These officers are responsible for the safety of the University community and its property. University grounds and buildings are monitored by CCTV that is always supervised by trained security officers.

Graffiti, chalking and poster guidelines

Find support services

University Security work closely with the University's Safer Community Program. The program promotes a respectful, inclusive, and connected campus community by offering support services and advice about behaviours of concern. Find out more, report an incident and access services by going to the program website.

SafeZone mobile app

As part of the University’s commitment to personal safety, staff and students can download a free mobile phone application called ‘SafeZone’ from Apple’s App Store or the Google Play Store.

In the event of an emergency, the app allows you to quickly share your location and details with the University security team who will be able to get the right assistance to you.

Learn more and download SafeZone