Graffiti, chalking and posters

Follow these guidelines for placing posters or chalking on campus.

Any person or organisation found responsible for placing posters, graffiti or chalking in unauthorised places or using non-permitted materials will be required to pay for the cost of removal.


  • Chalking on roadways and footpaths is permitted in uncovered areas only.
  • Spray chalk or substances added to chalk to improve its resistance to rain are not permitted.
  • Chalking on other surfaces such as buildings and construction site facades is strictly prohibited.


  • Posters must only be displayed on approved poster bollards and notice boards.
  • Any posters not displayed on an approved poster bollard or notice board (regardless of their subject matter) will be removed and discarded.
  • Posters deemed to be offensive will be removed, regardless of where they are displayed.


  • Use of paints or chalking in unauthorised areas will be classified as graffiti and removed immediately.
  • Any person found defacing University buildings or other University fixtures or equipment may be subject to sanction under University policy or referral to Police.