About the Program

Pathways to Politics places an emphasis on skills training, good governance, leadership and fostering strong bonds between participants.  The program features guest presenters from across the political spectrum, including politicians from all levels of government (both sitting and retired), public speaking professionals, campaign strategists, advisors, public policy experts, and leading figures in Australian political and public life.

Pathways to Politics has a practical, experiential format, supporting active participation through workshops, case studies, panel discussions, Q&As and networking opportunities.

Our program curriculum is overseen by Academic Coordinator Dr Lisa Carson, Lecturer in Public Leadership & Diversity in the Melbourne School of Government, and is comprised of 10 modules across themes including:

  • Articulating your political vision
  • Making the decision to run
  • Pre-selection
  • Campaign fundamentals
  • Media training
  • Resilience
  • Political leadership
  • Policy making
  • Speech making
  • Ethical dilemmas in politics

We are extremely grateful for the support of the many incredible guest speakers who have devoted their time and experience to the program, including: