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Building a data-intensive community of practice

The team at MDAP play a pivotal role nurturing the vibrant data-intensive research space at UoM. Part of this includes providing leadership, advocacy, and expertise at the University, as well as across Australia and internationally. Our growing community of practice supports researchers, academics and third-spacers to:

  • Build knowledge and resources
  • Develop skills and research capacity
  • Share career, funding and other opportunities
  • Build awareness and recognition of non-traditional research outcomes
  • Develop connections and collaborate across disciplines
  • Define and grow the third space.

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Shaping the future of data-intensive research

To celebrate our first year at MDAP we published a showcase of some of our successful collaborations with researchers across the Faculties, and our ideas on the future of data-intensive research. Thank you to everyone who has helped us succeed over the last twelve months, and prepare this publication!

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