We have one planet and it's our collective responsibility to preserve it by reducing our impact and transitioning to a nature positive future.

Globally we face unprecedented environmental challenges. Climate change and habitat loss are harming our biodiversity, environment and ways of living. This presents the most significant threat to our and future generations.

But it’s not too late. Human ingenuity and willingness can slow, stop and reverse these impacts.

To do this, we need to address the problem from all angles, from the economy to biodiversity, policy to behaviour, animals to humans, the atmosphere to new technology. By focusing on holistic solutions, we can support nature recovery, achieve net zero and build a brighter future.

At the University of Melbourne, our research and education are contributing to global efforts to solve the climate and biodiversity crises, and to build a sustainable future for all people, and the planet. We are accelerating action to implement our Sustainability Plan 2030, including committing to be climate positive by 2030 and supporting the UN Sustainable Development Goals.

Research for a healthy planet

Explore what our researchers are working on to create a better climate future, how we’re collaborating with innovation partners to adapt to environmental challenges and discover some of the big ideas shaping the global sustainability agenda.

Research spotlight

As we head into summer, let's rethink Australia's bushfire risk

With wildfires and heavy smoke affecting the US and Europe, a new fire management framework can help Australia understand its risk.

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Bushfire rating sign
South lawn in autumn

Our commitment

Our Sustainability Plan 2030 commits us to bold action over the course of this critical decade. Learn more about the targets we’ve set ourselves and the progress we’re making.

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Sustainability in action

Our University community has a shared commitment to walking the talk on climate action. Explore how we’re embedding sustainable practices across our campus operations and communities.

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Study with us

From conservation to climate modelling, law and policy to clean energy production, develop specialised knowledge and skills to contribute to the key global sustainability issues facing our future.

Explore study options

Study spotlight

Wattle Fellowship

The Wattle Fellowship is the University’s co-curricula program for students to foster leadership on global sustainability. We focus on multidisciplinary approaches, transformative leadership and practical skills development.

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