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The future of health careers

From researching and developing COVID-19 treatments and vaccinations to advising governments on Melbourne’s Roadmap to Recovery and leading and mobilising incredible nursing teams at the Peter Mac Hospital you won’t want to miss the advice and insights into the changing world of health practice, policy, research and beyond.

The session explores:

  • How to adapt to emerging technologies and develop newly sought-after skills
  • How the health sector has responded to heightened community health issues and public health priorities
  • Opportunities that are emerging in health research and clinical practice
  • The increased demand in areas such as mental health, public health, government relations and policy development.

Whether you are taking your first career steps or looking for a change, this session aims to provide you with the industry-specific knowledge to make informed decisions and seize new opportunities.


Dr Alex McCutchan | Host
PGY2 Doctor from Western Health

Dr Alex McCutchan is a PGY2 Doctor from Western Health, and a University of Melbourne Doctor of Medicine Alumni (2018). She worked on the frontline treating COVID positive patients until testing positive herself. She is currently completing the Diploma of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, and plans to work and travel in Top End NT in 2021.

Associate Professor Steven Tong
(MBBS (Hons) 1998)

Steven is an infectious diseases physician and clinician scientist working at the Doherty Institute. This year he has been involved in the clinical care of COVID patients at the Royal Melbourne Hospital and leading the Australasian COVID-19 Trial (ASCOT), an international trial to find better treatments for patients hospitalised with COVID.

Jac Mathieson
(PGDipNsgPrac (Canc.Palli.Care) 2010, M.Adv.Nurs.Pr (Cancer Nursing) 2012)

Jac has been an oncology nurse for over 10 years. Prior to taking on the role of Chief Nurse Jac was the lead Project Manager for the design and implementation of the clinical operating model for Haematology, Medical Oncology and Clinical Trials between Peter Mac, Melbourne Health and The Royal Women’s Hospital as part of the hospitals move to Parkville.

Dr Killian Ashe
(MPsych 2018)

Killian is a dynamic young psychiatrist working in Melbourne. Having worked in a range of mental health services including the Melbourne Assessment Prison and the statewide Neuropsychiatry Service, Killian now works as a psychiatrist at the RMH. 

Featuring on Q&A this year, he is an advocate for the rights of people with mental health issues and has been outspoken on the increased mental health challenges due to COVID-19.

Nicole Brady
(BA 1988, MPH 2014)

Nicole joined the leadership group for the COVID-19 pandemic response in May and is leading the advice underpinning the Roadmap for Reopening. 

Prior to this role Nicole worked to establish Safer Care Victoria, with special attention to its focus on using improvement science to achieve sustainable improvements to health care quality and safety.