Ask Alumni Live: Impact Strategy

Alum Katherine Leong has two decades of banking, finance and consultancy experience, and advises companies how to invest to maximise their social and environmental impact, in addition to their financial return. Hear her advice and tips to help you succeed.


Katherine Leong
Impact Strategist @SparkBeyond

Change is difficult but, triggered by the right people, with the right tools, at the right time, can create a groundswell for change. Katherine is on a mission to help change-makers who are at the front-line shaping the world we would all like to see future generations grow up in. Katherine is an Impact Strategist at SparkBeyond, working with the largest companies in the world to help them shape their future direction and partnering with them to lean into some of the biggest social challenges that touch their business. She has a background banking and finance consultancy, and has previously worked for KPMG, Ernst & Young, SunGuard, and most recently with NAB. At NAB, she spent 6 years as an intrapreneur on an amazing journey to build a new market for impact investment and sustainable finance. Katherine graduated from a Bachelor of Science / Bachelor of Commerce at the University of Melbourne, and has a Graduate Certificate in Social Impact from Melbourne Business School.