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Policy shop podcastWhy does our wealthy nation find it so hard to balance the books, and what economic policies should Australia consider? These were just some of the questions the Vice-Chancellor, Professor Glyn Davis, discussed alongside two leading Australian economists – Professor John Quiggin and Professor Judith Sloan – on the latest episode of The Policy Shop podcast.

The Policy Shop
is a monthly podcast hosted by the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Melbourne, and as the name suggests, the podcast explores public policy challenges. Each episode tackles a new policy issue with the help of local and global academics and experts.

According to the podcast’s producer, Eoin Hahessy, the podcast aims to provide research-informed and evidence-based policy discussions.

“In a world full of content dominated by opinion and dedicated to a 24-hour soundbite news cycle, well-researched and balanced policy discussions are hard to come by,” he said.

“We are seeing an ever shrinking media landscape, and the ability to access in-depth information about the issues facing Australia and the world are more important than ever, and we hope The Policy Shop provides that.”

Previous guests on The Policy Shop podcast have included philosopher Peter Singer exploring the state of the world and why we are so angry, feminist writer Germaine Greer on domestic and family violence, and former UN Humanitarian Under-Secretary General for Humanitarian Affairs, Baroness Valerie Amos on the crisis in Syria.

On the next episode of The Policy Shop podcast, Professor Glyn Davis will be joined by Nobel laureate Angus Deaton to explore why middle-aged white Americans are dying in much larger numbers than they used to.

The Policy Shop podcast has been listed by iTunes as ‘new and noteworthy’, and has been featured in The Canberra Times, the Australian Financial Review and the Mandarin.

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