Opening the doors for future generations

When Camblar received an offer to study at the University of Melbourne, the resident of Castlemaine in regional Victoria was faced with a tough decision. He could accept the offer, but he could only afford to stay in his hometown, travelling a lengthy distance for class.

“It would have been a really big commute,” said Camblar. “I planned to fit all my studies into a couple of days, so I’d probably have met a whole lot less people.”

Thanks to our donor community’s generous support, the Melbourne Access Scholarship has enabled Camblar to live on campus at a residential college. The support has meant he has thrown himself into campus life, and the first year of a Bachelor of Commerce degree.

Melbourne Access Scholarship recipient CamblarMelbourne Access Scholarship recipient Camblar.

I’ve made so many good friends who I’ll hopefully be friends with for life, and I feel like I’ve grown a lot as a person. Camblar

Melbourne Access Scholarship recipients are awarded between $5000-$10,000 each year for the duration of their undergraduate degree. The scholarships support students who have experienced disadvantaged circumstances in embracing all that the University has to offer.

With the help of donors, we are enabling students to get involved in campus life and extra-curricular activities, undertake course-related internships, consider studying abroad and take advantage of leadership opportunities that will prepare them for the competitive job market after graduation.

Students based in rural and regional Australia are using the funds for transport to and from campus, enabling them to attend lectures, tutorials, pracs, lab classes and group work sessions in person. The generosity of our donors also supports students to buy and maintain textbooks, specialised equipment and technology.

Recognising academic potential

The scholarships are available for students who enter the University through the Access Melbourne special entry scheme. Each year, we reserve a quarter of our Commonwealth Supported Places (CSPs) in undergraduate courses for Access Melbourne students.

Access Melbourne recognises that our applicants’ ATARs do not always reflect their true or potential abilities, often due to circumstances beyond their control. The special entry scheme ensures that we have an equitable domestic admissions process, so we can offer places to the best and brightest students regardless of their circumstances.

As part of the application process, applicants tell the University about ongoing circumstances that impacted their academic performance in high school. Categories include disadvantaged financial backgrounds, living with a disability or growing up in a non-English speaking environment.

A diverse student community

Students are at the heart of the University’s Advancing Melbourne strategy, which places a priority on strengthening opportunities for talented students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

We know that students are able to perform at their best and achieve consistently high standards when they are supported to fully and freely commit to their studies. Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Academic) Professor Gregor Kennedy

“Melbourne Access Scholarships are vital as they provide students with more opportunities to immerse themselves in all that the University of Melbourne has to offer. This not only benefits the individual, but also the entire cohort, as a diverse and engaged student community helps grow more conscientious, empathetic future leaders.”

Professor Kennedy is grateful to each and every donor who has contributed to the Melbourne Access Scholarships. “The immense impact these scholarships have on our student community is only possible because of your generosity.”

Removing barriers to excellence

The generosity of our donor community has made a profound difference for students Fadi, Camblar and Melissa, who have all been supported to make the most of their time at the University after receiving Melbourne Access Scholarships.

Melbourne Access Scholarship recipient Fadi Melbourne Access Scholarship recipient Fadi.

“The Melbourne Access Scholarship has allowed me to pursue tertiary education at the University of Melbourne. From subsidising the cost of materials and textbooks to increasing access to university-related events, I’m grateful to be a recipient.

This scholarship is more than just money, it highlights the importance of access. Just like me, there are many ambitious and hard-working young students who wish to become someone or create something important. However, due to their disadvantaged background, they could lack access and not receive the proper support to excel in their chosen field. I’m grateful to the donors for opening doors for the next generation and allowing us to use our talents at a fantastic university like the University of Melbourne.”

Fadi, Bachelor of Arts


Melbourne Access Scholarship recipient Camblar.

“The Melbourne Access Scholarship has enabled me to fulfil my long-term goal of attending the University of Melbourne. Being from a country town and disadvantaged family financially, moving to the city was always going to present its difficulties. But my parents always encouraged me and scholarships like this one helped me fulfil this dream.”

Camblar, Bachelor of Commerce

Melbourne Access Scholarship recipient MelissaMelbourne Access Scholarship recipient Melissa.

“The Melbourne Access Scholarship relieved me of financial stress, allowing me to quit my job and focus more attention towards my subjects. This has contributed to an improvement in my mental health as I feel more in control of my life and feel like I can balance my personal and academic life better. I definitely noticed an improvement in my grades and ability to stay up-to-date.

Since I live so far away from the University, the scholarship has been really helpful with covering transport costs to help me get to campus classes. I would love to thank you all for the Melbourne Access Scholarship as it has been really helpful in regards to my financial struggles and has allowed me to spend more time enjoying University life.”

Melissa, Bachelor of Biomedicine