Helping natural talent shine

Thanks to our generous donor community, talented law student Thea Stephenson has followed her dream to study at Melbourne Law School (MLS). Coming from a low socio-economic background, Thea found the Cheryl Saunders Scholarship in Law has been transformative.

Thea Stephenson
Thea Stephenson

It eased her financial pressures and enabled her to thrive in her studies and look beyond the Juris Doctor program, giving back to the community in the process.

Thea recently became president of the Melbourne University Law Students’ Society, started her own business providing legal administrative support services to regional and sole practitioner law firms, and says she is now on track for an exciting future and career beyond university. The Scholarship has given her the confidence to pay her good fortune forward.

I am incredibly grateful to be a Scholarship recipient. Coming to MLS has enabled me to pursue my true potential and accomplish so much more than I ever thought would be possible.

– Thea Stephenson, Juris Doctor candidate at Melbourne Law School

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