Grace Newton: Young lives remembered through scholarship

Grace Newton a scholarship receiver from Melbourne University

The memory of two young University of Melbourne students lives on through the Alexander and Bridget Jones Memorial Scholarship.

Developed in partnership with Bendigo and Adelaide Bank and the University of Melbourne, the Scholarship was established in memory of siblings Alexander and Bridget Jones, whose lives were tragically cut short after the Swanston Street wall collapse in 2013.

For Grace Newton from Bairnsdale in regional Victoria, the scholarship provided an opportunity to follow her ambitions of a career in journalism or the arts.

“Coming from a rural and low socioeconomic area, I realised that I needed a lot of money to pursue my dreams of higher education at Melbourne – money I just didn’t have,” says Grace.

“The Alexander and Bridget Jones Memorial Scholarship was my chance to not only secure opportunities for my future, but also make my family really proud of my achievements.”

The scholarship will provide $13,500 to each recipient for the duration of their undergraduate program. They will also receive up to $2,500 for an exchange or study abroad program via a Melbourne Global Scholars Award.

“My goal is to focus on journalism or the arts – something that will empower me to address wider community issues. I hope to someday be a strong influential voice that can return to society the knowledge and prospects it has given to me,” Grace says.

Grace acknowledges the generosity of Alexander and Bridget’s parents, Ian and Sue Jones, in bringing this scholarship to fruition.

From their own tragedy, they have selflessly brought blessing not just to me, but to all the other scholarship recipients, and hopefully many more to come.

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