Bridget Loughhead: Giving rural students a helping hand

Bridget Loughead a scholarship receiver from Melbourne University

The Mildura Alumni Scholarship not only helped Bridget Loughhead to study at the University of Melbourne, it also enabled her to discover her true passion: mathematics. “I didn’t come to University to study maths,” she explained. “But when I got to first year, I discovered I loved it. Being able to experience it and then make the decision was a big deal. If I hadn’t of come to Melbourne it wouldn’t have been an opportunity for me.”

Originally from Mildura, Bridget always dreamed of studying at Melbourne. The only thing standing in her way was the cost of relocating to the city. “My parents couldn’t afford to pay for me, because there are four other kids at home,” she said. “I was always going to be financially independent when I went to University, but I was going to have to work for a year after high school to save up enough money.”

The Mildura Alumni Scholarship meant that Bridget was able to come to Melbourne sooner than she’d anticipated. It also helped to ease the burden of every day living expenses. “There are so many costs involved with moving, so receiving this scholarship was incredible. It came just before I really had to make the final decision as to whether I was going to be able to go that year. It was a real boost of confidence and took away my stress.

I feel very privileged to be able to study here. A lot of rural students don’t get this chance, and many people in the city take it for granted. I’m just so thankful that I was given this opportunity.

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