Support our Students


Your continued support of our students ensure that these bright minds are able to continue to achieve now and into the future.

Student Support

Immediate assistance for students in need

We believe that all our students should be able to reach their full potential, regardless of their background or financial status. Every year we meet students who need urgent financial help for food, transport, rent or books – the basic necessities of university life.

Your support will enable students to focus on their studies, relieving financial burden.


Scholarships - undergraduate

Too many students, because of barriers such as financial disadvantage or difficult life circumstances, are unable to accept their offer to study at the University of Melbourne. Scholarships can ensure that more students receive life-changing support to take up their place and succeed in their studies.


Scholarships - graduate

Unfortunately, passion, talent and hard work are not all that are needed for a postgraduate degree. For some of our students, the costs associated with housing, transport, textbooks and daily expenses significantly affect their success.

Your gift will enable the leaders of tomorrow to succeed.


Indigenous students

Indigenous students are more than twice as likely as non-Indigenous students to drop out of university within their first year. It’s a confronting statistic, but the stark reality is that most Indigenous students come to Melbourne with greater challenges and financial pressures than their counterparts.

You can ensure Indigenous students are able to achieve a bright future.


Educating Tomorrow's Leaders

By funding a scholarship, you can ensure the best and brightest minds have the opportunity of a Melbourne education, regardless of circumstance.

Our donors provide for undergraduate and postgraduate scholarships, annual awards or prizes, and endowed (or permanent) scholarships.

David and Mae Cheng Malaysian Access Scholarships

Student holding novelty scholarship card

Access scholarships are giving the opportunity of a world-class education.

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