Telethon Caller: Cathy

Cathy Telethon

Hearing about the varied paths alumni have taken in their careers has inspired Cathy to think more about her own time at the University of Melbourne.

An Economics major studying for her Bachelor of Commerce degree, Cathy is gaining experience working as a Telethon Student Caller, connecting with alumni over the phone to find out about their University memories and what they’re up to now.

“It's interesting to see how their experiences studying at the University have fundamentally shaped their direction in their own life and career,” says Cathy. “I love being able to come into work and learn about so many different areas that our alumni are currently working in. In just one shift, I could be learning about the development of autonomous vehicles to the management of government bonds.

“Speaking to alumni about how valuable their time at University was helps remind me how powerful and impactful a degree can be on a person’s life,” she says.

Discussing the ways alumni can help support the University, such as through our Access Scholarship Program for disadvantaged students, has also been meaningful for Cathy.

“Access Scholarships play an important role in ensuring that these students are able to find the means to succeed both academically and personally in their time here,” she says. “And by being empowered to succeed, they’ll be able to take on opportunities that could really transform both their lives and their families’ lives.

“Most of the time alumni have told me that their experiences studying at the University played a crucial role in helping develop them to be the person they are today and they want to give back and expand the opportunities for more students.”

Cathy has found her experience rewarding in many ways, but the personal connections she’s had with her team and the alumni she’s talked with particularly stand out.

“I’ve made some really great friends while working at the Telethon. Both the team and the alumni I have been able to speak to have really cared for me and helped me become more resilient, more knowledgeable and an effective communicator.”