We are looking for a diverse cohort to make up the Wattle Fellowship. We are after budding designers and policy makers; artists and engineers; advocates and economists. There is no singular type of person that we are looking for in this program, recognising that leadership can be practiced in many ways. Applicants at any stage, including the start, of their leadership journey are welcome to apply.

If you are not sure that you meet all of these requirements – we strongly urge you to apply. You might be exactly the type of person we are looking for!

Applications for the inaugural cohort are now closed. Our next recruitment round will be in early 2022. Please email to be notified when applications next open.

Eligibility guidelines

The program will accept up to 20 students.

Applicants must:

  • Be a current undergraduate or postgraduate coursework student at the University of Melbourne.
  • Have completed at least one semester an undergraduate degree prior to the commencement of the program.
  • Remain a University of Melbourne student for the duration of the program (i.e. not graduate from their current degree program prior to the conclusion of the Fellowship).
  • Be in good academic standing. There is no WAM requirement for the Fellowship.

Domestic and international; part-time and full-time students are eligible for this program.

How to apply

Students will submit:

  • Written answers to questions that correspond to the selection criteria.
  • Evidence that demonstrates the applicant’s leadership qualities and ability to succeed in the program (this could take shape in the form of a reference letter or a portfolio of previous efforts for example).

Shortlisted candidates will be invited to attend a short interview with the Wattle Fellowship selection committee consisting of program staff, a University of Melbourne expert and external practitioner. This interview, along with the submitted information will be assessed across the four selection criteria.

Selection criteria

Note that we are committed to creating a diverse cohort, so we encourage people from all backgrounds to apply.

Commitment to sustainability

  • Applicant demonstrates a genuine passion for sustainability issues in a global context, and making a contribution to these issues.
  • Applicant has the knowledge and ability to apply sustainability solutions and actions in their relevant discipline and in an interdisciplinary manner.

Leadership potential and vision

  • Applicant can clearly articulate a vision for their role leading sustainability initiatives, including through contributing to and/or leading interdisciplinary projects as part of the program.
  • Applicant demonstrates strong leadership potential and related skills including teamwork, communication, and self-reflection.

Motivation and experience

  • Applicant can demonstrate instances of initiative, motivation and resilience through previous involvement with other formal and informal experiences.

Personal and professional attributes

  • Applicant demonstrates the attitudes, commitment and skills to successfully complete the program, collaborating and working alongside a diverse cohort.
  • Applicant is likely to make a strong and positive contribution to the Leaders for Global Sustainability program including ongoing engagement as an alum.

If you are a University of Melbourne staff member and would like to recommend a student for this program, please contact us