Statements of Support

Council and Executive

Published 7 March 2023

The Australian people will vote in a yes/no referendum on enshrining in The Constitution of Australia an Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Voice to parliament and government.

Freedom of enquiry and the free expression of ideas are fundamental to the mission of the University of Melbourne. All members of our community are entitled to engage in robust, evidence-based and respectful expression of their views and the University provides a safe place for expressing differing opinions. The University will continue to contribute to the referendum process by actively facilitating informed public debate. Not everyone will vote 'yes' and we fully respect that.

Notwithstanding this, The Council and the Executive of the University of Melbourne affirm their support for the Uluru Statement from the Heart and the ‘yes’ position in the referendum, and look forward to the parliamentary process that would follow such an outcome.

Academic Board

Published 12 May 2023

The University of Melbourne's Academic Board supports the current government proposal for an Indigenous Voice to Parliament.

The Board's resolution reflects the University's values, which include advancing the intellectual, cultural, economic and social welfare of communities, and recognising the particular needs and aspirations of Indigenous Australians, advocating and upholding fundamental human rights and sustaining a diverse, inclusive and harmonious scholarly community.

These values are consistent with aims of the current proposal for an Indigenous Voice to Parliament.

This follows the University Council and Executive’s affirming their support in early March for the Uluru Statement from the Heart and the ‘yes’ position in the referendum.

About the University of Melbourne’s Academic Board

Established by Council, the Academic Board is the principal academic governance body for the University of Melbourne. The Board is responsible for quality assurance in academic activities including maintenance of high standards in teaching, learning and research.

The membership of the Board is designed to reflect the voice of the University's scholarly community and is comprised of the professoriate and members of the Academic Board subcommittees, student and professional staff representatives and senior leaders.