The University of Melbourne aspires to be the university of choice for Indigenous Australians, with unprecedented investment to attract, nurture and retain Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff.

We employ people of outstanding caliber and offer a unique environment where staff are valued and rewarded. Our academic, professional, administrative and support staff create a world-class working environment that enables internationally renowned excellence in research and teaching.

Supporting Indigenous Employment

We are committed to providing tangible support through a range of programs and initiatives which will ensure our Indigenous staff succeed and flourish personally, at the University of Melbourne, and across the nation and the globe.

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander staff working at the University of Melbourne can:

  • Build an academic or professional career
  • Be part of and contribute to an ever-growing Indigenous Staff Network
  • Enjoy generous leave provisions including Cultural and Ceremonial Leave
  • Access health and wellbeing services
  • Participate in a range of Indigenous cultural events, orations, exhibitions, lectures and symposia
  • Take advantage of generous discounts on graduate courses.

The University of Melbourne Indigenous Strategy Murmuk Djerring and Indigenous Employment Plan are key drivers for Indigenous staff recruitment, development and support across the University.