Creative Arts Studios

Developed by the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music

Expand your thinking, nurture your imagination and hone your creative skills to enrich your life and influence change.

Creative Arts Studios is a range of short courses designed to equip you with the imaginative thinking, practical skillsets and confidence to exercise your creativity to its potential - in the medium of your choice.

What can you expect from Creative Arts Studios?

Developed by the Faculty of Fine Arts and Music, home of the Victorian College of the Arts and Melbourne Conservatorium of Music, the studios span a range of creative arts disciplines from acting and theatre to painting and drawing. They are based on a collaborative and interdisciplinary model mirroring the creative and performing arts sector. Along with gaining practical tools, techniques and arts-based knowledge, this unique approach provides you with the opportunity to learn in real-world environments, nurturing critical, expansive thinking and generating the empathy, resilience and collaborative sensibilities necessary for success.

Under the guidance of industry mentors, you will learn in a community of creative peers in either an immersive online environment utilising interactive technologies, or in collaborative face-to-face workshops at the world-class Southbank campus in the heart of the Melbourne Arts Precinct.

Each short course is delivered in three individual studios throughout the year. You can take just one studio, or enrol in all three to deepen your practice.

You will:

  • Gain practical skills, expert knowledge and expand your thinking
  • Enjoy interactive and immersive learning environments and state-of-the-art facilities
  • Establish strong creative networks and communities of practice
  • Learn from renowned industry experts who have a wealth of experience and industry insights.

Who is it for?

Creative Arts Studios is for anyone interested in enhancing their creative or performance-based practice, unlocking their creativity for the first time, or who simply has a creative sensibility they’d like nurture. Whether your interest lies in personal projects, traditional acting and music settings, or applying creativity and thinking to a professional or community setting, these studios will help you be more memorable at an audition, create compelling screen or theatrical work that tells a story, or impart your new perspectives in drawing to influence your colleagues. If you enjoy collaborating and sharing ideas, want to innovate, create and challenge the status quo, Creative Arts Studios is for you.

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Harnessing creative capability for work wins

In today’s rapidly evolving modern world, an ability to define, develop and deploy fresh, flexible thinking and doing is perhaps more important than ever. With technological advancement and automation at play, we strive to maintain our own sense of self and wellbeing on one hand and enhance relevance through resourcefulness on the other.

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