The University of Melbourne and Belong launch new customised leadership program

The launch of the Belong leadership Development and Rapid Uplift program marks the University’s first custom education training centring microcredentials and nods to the growing need for continuous, organisation-wide upskilling in priority areas. Designed for Belong’s top talent, the program focuses on leadership development and rapid capability uplift, it includes deep learning about the mechanics of leadership and builds an understanding of the individual’s leadership contribution.

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Co-designed by the University of Melbourne and Belong, a subsidiary of Telstra, the 12-month blended training program, aims to build leadership capability across the organisation and set the team on a path of continuous learning.

The program, which commenced in November 2020 will uplift the leadership capability of at least 50 employees over two years. Featuring modular learning tailored to the company’s specific needs, the program will include eight Leadership Melbourne MicroCerts and two masterclasses – one on financial intelligence and the other on systems thinking.

The focus on leadership across industry is being driven by macro forces including rapid digitisation, changing demographics and economic conditions. Leaders are touted among the top five fastest growing occupations (Deloitte, 2019) requiring a host of complex skills to navigate change, move businesses in new directions and motivate their people.

Head of the Melbourne School of Professional and Continuing Education (MSPACE) at the University of Melbourne, Simon Bell, says:

“The Belong Leadership program is an exciting and humbling step for the University. It recognises the work MSPACE and faculties have been doing to develop MicroCerts that focus on real priority areas, and the way we’re approaching custom education resonates with major companies. Organisations are embracing the necessary shift to continuously upskill and we have the programs and capabilities to offer it.”

Head of Digital & Technology at Belong, Natalie Field, says:

“We’re thrilled to be partnering with the University of Melbourne on this program. One of our highest priorities is investing in our people and this leadership program is a great example of that. By providing our leaders with the opportunity to develop into their own expression of modern leadership, we will be enabling them to reach their full potential as individuals and as leaders. With access to already developed quality courses and the ability to choose specific topics for our deep dives, we have co-designed a sustainable and meaningful program. Beyond creating a culture of continuous learning, I’m confident we will see a measurable impact on performance.”

The blended, immersive program offering pre- and post-program diagnostics will feature a range of online and face-to-face sessions, delivered by experts from the University of Melbourne and industry leaders, who together bring a wealth of experience, world-class knowledge and real-world insights to each module.

On completion of each Melbourne MicroCert, participants will be awarded a Digital Badge, which can be displayed on social media demonstrating their specific capabilities and showcasing Belong as an Employer of Choice.

Melbourne MicroCerts are the University’s unique offering of a micro-credential, a new type of certification focused on specific skills, knowledge and dispositions that allow individuals to upskill in high priority areas in flexible increments. The featured MicroCerts in the Belong Leadership program, which also provide participants with pathways to further degree study, include:

  1. Effective Leadership Communication
  2. Effective Negotiation
  3. Ethical Judgement
  4. Leading Teams
  5. Performance Management
  6. Personal Effectiveness
  7. Creativity and Innovation
  8. Leading Change

Belong is committed to investing in leadership capability across its business and in launching this program with the University of Melbourne, they start to build their proposition as a learning organisation where potential is truly cultivated.

Melbourne MicroCerts

Melbourne MicroCerts are the University’s unique offering of a microcredential which is a new type of certification rapidly gaining traction in higher education and industry across the globe. These are small, accessible units of learning focused on specific skills, knowledge and dispositions, which allow individuals to upskill in flexible increments, rather than committing to an entire course of study or degree. They provide the learner with the opportunity to curate their own learning journey, spread the financial commitment over time, while preserving the possibility of transitioning to longer, more traditional programs of study.

A key feature of microcredentials is that they are recognised through information-rich, digital certificates that can be shared digitally and via social media platforms, such as LinkedIn. This means learners can easily showcase their capabilities with prospective employers and accrediting bodies – creating a more seamless connection between education and employment.

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