University launches two new action plans to close gaps on LGBTIQA+ and disability inclusion

The University has launched two new action plans: the LGBTIQA+ Inclusion Action Plan and the Disability Inclusion Action Plan.

The University of Melbourne today marked an important milestone in the progress of its Diversity and Inclusion Strategy 2030 with the launch of two new action plans.

The two action plans aim to address and mitigate the unique challenges faced at the University by members of our community. A new Disability Inclusion Action Plan outlines a multi-year program of activities to reduce and remove barriers experienced by staff and students with disability, and carers of people with disability.

Also launched is the University’s first LGBTIQA+ Inclusion Action Plan, which outlines a multi-year approach to deliver initiatives that best support inclusion for LGBTIQA+ staff and students at the University.

The action plans outline a range of concrete actions that the University will take to embed diversity, equity and inclusion for these groups, and to eliminate obstacles to these, in the University’s culture, practices, systems and structures.

The action plans were shaped by an extensive consultation process that brought together the lived experience of staff and students, with key subject-matter experts from across the University, and also benchmarking against leading practice.

University of Melbourne Deputy Vice-Chancellor, People and Culture Professor Pip Nicholson said: “These action plans are important as they document and hold us accountable for our commitments to making the University safe and equitable for all,”

“They demonstrate the University’s commitment to making the changes required to meet our goals to become a trusted leader of diversity and inclusion.”