Tackling emerging questions about vaccination with VaxFACTS

Associate Professor Margie Danchin answering questions to camera about vaccination
Associate Professor Margie Danchin hosts a series of short videos to answer emerging questions about vaccination.

Australia is seeing a high incidence of influenza and COVID-19 infection, which is why it’s crucial to continue stressing the importance of vaccination as winter takes hold.

That’s why the University of Melbourne has launched a new collection of evidence-based public health videos on VaxFACTS (vaxfacts.org.au) focusing on the benefits of the COVID-19 vaccine for children and the importance of the influenza vaccine, especially this year.

The new videos answer common questions including:

  • I've just received the flu vaccine, how long do I have to wait before I can get my next COVID-19 vaccine?
  • Should my 5-11 year-old have their second dose of COVID-19 vaccine?
  • When should I get my 5-11 year-old vaccinated if they've had COVID-19?

World leader in vaccine uptake research, University of Melbourne Associate Professor Margie Danchin, a consultant paediatrician at the Royal Children’s Hospital and a Clinician Scientist at the Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, returns to host the short videos.

“At the moment we’re facing a perfect storm of influenza, COVID-19 and other viruses in the community - children are more vulnerable due to lower vaccination coverage for both flu and COVID-19, and low immunity for flu and other viruses that haven’t been as prevalent during the pandemic,” Associate Professor Danchin said.

“It’s a really tough time for schools and for families too, who are having to manage not only increasing illness but also the ongoing disruption. So it’s as important as ever that parents take their kids to get their flu vaccine, which is free for all Victorians over the age of six months throughout June, and to make sure they are up to date with their COVID-19 vaccination and consider mask wearing in crowded indoor spaces.”

University of Melbourne Deputy Vice-Chancellor (Research) Professor Jim McCluskey said the expert voice on the importance of vaccination is critical as the world continues to adapt to the presence of COVID-19 in the community.

“Enhancing knowledge and sharing expertise for public good is core to the mission of the University of Melbourne,” Professor McCluskey said.

“The value of this research expertise and reach is crucial as we continue addressing the critical issues and concerns around COVID-19 and flu vaccinations,” Professor McCluskey said.