Science Festival 2022 showcases science impact across disciplines

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The week-long event is a festival of scientific knowledge, innovation and progress.

From space exploration to Schrödinger’s Cat; from astrophysics, to quantum physics, to human physicality – the contribution of research across the University of Melbourne is on show during Science Festival 2022.

Over a week-long series of festival events from 13 to 21 August, members of the public are invited to delve into the discoveries scientific exploration has helped uncover to date, and with the help of world-leading experts, ask: what will it help discover next?

Faculty of Science Dean Professor Moira O’Bryan said she was proud the University was again contributing to National Science Week by opening its doors and making "all things science" available to the public.

"This year’s Festival is a powerful showcase of our brilliant scientists and their innovative work. I hope the community can join us in this celebration of the value of science, the exhilaration of discovery, and the quirkiness of our world," Professor O’Bryan said.

"Science – often without anyone realising – plays a key part in discoveries across arts, archaeology, music, mathematics, building design, business analytics, and in a lab. The breadth of science’s impact reaches further than most of us can imagine."

The week-long festival of scientific knowledge, innovation and progress offers public lectures, expert-led masterclasses, panel discussions, games and activities. Featured events include:

Founder of the University’s Science Communication program Associate Professor Jen Martin said it was both exciting and important for scientists to have a place to share what the future of scientific exploration could look like with the public.

"The global pandemic, climate change and the biodiversity crisis remind us just how important it is for everyone to have access to science that is accurate and easy to understand," Associate Professor Martin said.

"Scientists need to share their work so people in our communities understand what science is and can use it to make evidence-based decisions: as the former UK Government Chief Science Advisor said, ‘science isn’t finished until it’s communicated.’"

The University of Melbourne Science Festival 2022 is hosted by the Faculty of Science as part of National Science Week and promotes the latest research from across the whole University. To find out more visit the event page.