University welcomes Lexus Australia as first AIMES car manufacturing partner to drive C-ITS research forward

Image of Lexus connected vehicle on the road in Melbourne.
Lexus RX 450h fitted with Dedicated Short Range Communication (DSRC) and cellular network technologies. Image: Lexus Australia

Lexus Australia was today announced as the first car manufacturer to join the Australian Integrated Multimodal EcoSystem (AIMES) transport collaboration to accelerate Cooperative Intelligent Transport Systems (C-ITS) technology research for smarter and safer on-road travel.

Trials of C-ITS technology enabled Lexus Australia vehicles are underway in AIMES and will continue throughout 2021. The trials are testing the ‘communication’ between on-road infrastructure such as traffic lights, cameras, smart sensors and C-ITS enabled vehicles within the AIMES testbed.

Transport engineering expert and AIMES Director, Professor Majid Sarvi celebrated Lexus Australia joining AIMES, declaring the partnership a demonstration of the benefits of research and industry collaboration, with government support.

“Today is an exciting day to announce our new partnership with Lexus Australia. To have their vehicles trialling in the real-world testing environment of AIMES is a step closer to an on-road solution for C-ITS deployment. Ultimately this research aims to improve traffic network connectivity and enhance safety for all road users,” Professor Sarvi said.

“With these connected Lexus vehicles, we hope to provide real-world evidence to put Australia at the forefront of global smart city technologies.”

Lexus Australia Chief Executive Scott Thompson said the car manufacturer is committed to investment in a wide ecosystem of new technologies to ameliorate vehicle safety standards.

“Imaginative technology and leveraging innovation are core to the Lexus DNA, and we are committed to delivering next-generation road safety outcomes,” Mr Thompson said.

Lexus Australia’s partnership with AIMES builds upon previous C-ITS trials with the Queensland Government.

Queensland’s Department of Transport and Main Roads Director-General Neil Scales said this latest project was paving the way for the arrival of new vehicle technologies.

“I thank everyone involved in this important initiative as we will continue to work together at a national level with industry and governments which is integral to informing a national plan for the implementation of connected vehicles in Australia,” Mr Scales said.

Chief Network Operations for the Victorian Department of Transport Brett Langley spoke of the state government’s interest in this latest C-ITS initiative.

"We’re proud to partner with Lexus Australia, AIMES and Queensland – the data we get from these trials will help us shape our transport networks of the future.”

Media kit:

  1. AIMES B-roll showing smart sensors installation and AIMES testbed in Carlton, Melbourne (Credit: Cesar Nicolas)
  2. Images from Lexus Australia showing the ‘connected’ vehicle on Melbourne roads (Credit: Lexus Australia)
  3. Lexus Australia B-roll with external and internal shorts of the connected vehicle (Credit: Lexus Australia)