Bushfire response

Bushfire response3
The University of Melbourne community is doing whatever it can to support bushfire relief efforts.

The devastating bushfires in Victoria and across Australia have affected many in our regional and rural areas and our University community is doing what it can to support relief efforts.

While the situation is ongoing and its shocking impacts are still emerging, the University has engaged with students and staff, and those involved in relief efforts, in a number of ways. A Bushfire Response Working Group has been established.

We are making available counselling services, financial assistance, emergency accommodation support, and leave of absence where necessary for affected students, as well as additional leave, support services, and flexible working arrangements for affected staff.

Across the University, academics from various disciplines are lending their technical expertise to government departments and emergency relief agencies.

As just two examples, staff from the Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Health Sciences are providing advice on mental health and community resilience based on experiences from the 2009 Black Saturday fires, and the Faculty of Veterinary and Agricultural Sciences is supporting the considerable animal welfare effort underway.

In the longer term, the full research capability and expertise will contribute to the ongoing conversations on societal sustainability and resilience in a changing world. To find an expert, click here.

The University and affiliated colleges have made available beds as emergency accommodation should they be required.

University of Melbourne campuses are not currently directly affected by the fires and University activities continue.

Supporting communities and volunteers

This is a distressing time for anyone who has been watching the devastating effects the bushfires are having on our communities, environment, livestock and wildlife. The Emergency Victoria website offers practical ways to donate and provide support, and a range of resources and advice for individuals affected personally or financially.

Staying safe

Please ensure you stay safe and avoid unnecessary travel to bushfire affected areas. Check for emergency updates regularly: