The University collects personal information about a donor, principally for the purposes of recording the gift including, if applicable, drafting a University trust instrument to govern the conduct of a trust established by a gift. All University  trust instruments are published on the University’s website, meaning that certain  details regarding the donor and the gift are readily accessible to the public.

Where a  University trust instrument is made, it states the donor’s name, honours,  qualifications, occupation, association with the University and biographical details, together with  details regarding the gift (amount, date, type of gift).  Only where the donor specifically requests  that some or all of these details not be published does the University omit  those details from the University trust instrument.

Apart  from disclosing donor and gift details in a University trust record, the University will not disclose a donor's personal information unless the donor has given  consent for that to occur, or unless the University is permitted or required by law to do so.

The University's Privacy Officer is the University Secretary.